I have been in the market for a versatile charger for a long time, and Enova’s new design is just what I was looking for. It can handle most types of round cells on the market, making it a truly versatile device. The display is very informative, and the shortcut buttons make it super easy to charge multiple cells at once. I highly recommend this charger to anyone looking for a reliable and versatile device.

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This is a fairly advanced charger with support for most round cells on the market, both fairly large and very small. At first glance it might look complicated to use, but it is not and it is also fast to use for 1A charging on NiMH and 4.20V LiIon. Other types of cells requires a few more keypresses, the short-cuts makes it fast to setup many of the same cell.

The charger has some small text on the display and it is required to check it before charging. The charger will not start automatic, it is always necessary to press some keys to select voltage and current.

The Enova charger is fantastic!
The design is sleek and takes up very little space, and the display is easy to read. The shortcut buttons make it incredibly easy to charge multiple cells at once, and the sliders work smoothly and can handle different types of cells. Enova has done a great job with this product, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile charger.

I have been using Enova chargers for a while now, and the new design is another great addition to their product line. The display is very informative, and the shortcut buttons make it easy to charge multiple cells at once. The sliders work smoothly, and I like that it can handle different types of cells. Overall, the Enova charger is a reliable and versatile device that I would recommend to anyone.

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David F.

Great product. So great, I’ve bought 2 for friends.
This is the third one I’ve bought now? I still can’t be happier. All three of them are still going strong with 0 issue. Customizable for those who want it, automatic for those who don’t. Charges my batteries quickly and without fuss. Haven’t had any battery issues.


I thought using this would be more difficult since it has so many features, and says you need to set it up before use. I even watched a couple YouTube videos! I put my batteries in, and was prepared to push a bunch of buttons… it went to the correct settings and started charging without me pushing a thing! Best charger ever!!

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So far everthing is running great.

Ran all 4 bays at 1 amp for a little and the charger didn’t produce much heat at all. The menu for each bay has all the information you’d need to see or need to change if necessary. The white font makes it easy to read as well. I really like this charger and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a solid charger.

This is a GREAT charger!

Some of what it can do is over my head. And more than necessary for me. But it is absolutely reliable, and consistent. I had one before this. Same exact model. It lasted 8-ish years. Charging anywhere from 2 to 8 batteries a day.

What a great charger.

So plumb for this charger it arrived unpacked it and thought what have I done the instruction was very hard to understand, so went to you tube I need not of worried it is a doddle to use and as revived some of my batterys that I was going to recycle, but this all singing dancing charger as breathed new life into them, I would highly recommend this charger it fantastic.

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Viel Platz zwischen den Schächten macht das Einlegen und (vorallem) das Entnehmen der Akkus sehr einfach.

Die Breite macht den Unterschied


This is a very good charger with support for most cells, both large and very small. Very fast with 1A charging.


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